Ever since my childhood I have been haunted by
the ghost of the American Indians.  At times
they have entered my dreams and finally
became a “Reality” in my work.  Previous work
(early 80’s) had primitive Indian influences.

This last summer, I finally visited the
Southwest, the four corner region (Arizona,
New Mexico, Utah, Colorado) and saw the art,
architecture and land of the Anasazi Indians.
It felt very familiar to me, from my “dreams.”
After this awe-inspiring trip, I returned to my
upstate New York studio and began my work
on this project.

This American Indian is a myth-maker, his art
animates or personifies the forces and phenomena
of nature.  To him, all things have life,
including his baskets and bowls.  To me my
baby bags, each has a life of its own.  Among
them there is diversity of form and sometimes
seemingly magical qualities.  They become my
obsession-all the babies I never bore, each a
separate personality.  Installed together they will
be a family.